“The Russian Military-Psychological Journal” is a specialized scientific-practical publication dedicated to the issues of psychology in military and security structures. The journal focuses on research, practical approaches, and current topics related to the psychological aspects of service and military training.

The main goal of the journal is to create a forum for the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge, analysis of current issues, and the development of effective methods and approaches in the field of military psychology. It provides an opportunity for interaction among researchers, practitioners, psychologists, and security specialists to exchange experiences and research, contributing to progress and development in this field.

The key objectives of the journal are as follows:

1. Publication of scientific articles and research: The journal strives to publish high-quality scientific works based on current research in the field of military psychology. This includes studies on psychological aspects of combat actions, stress resilience, psychological preparation and adaptation of military personnel, psychological support for veterans, and other important aspects related to security structures.

2. Analysis of current problems and issues: The journal focuses on analyzing contemporary problems and challenges faced by military personnel and security structures. It offers perspectives and practical recommendations for addressing these issues and enhancing the effectiveness of service and the psychological well-being of military personnel.

3. Support for professional development: The journal aims to become a valuable resource for professionals in the field of military psychology and security structures by providing them with up-to-date information, research, and methodological materials. It contributes to enhancing the professionalism of practicing psychologists, military commanders, and other specialists involved in the field of military psychology.

4. Exchange of experience and knowledge: The journal creates a platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among researchers, practitioners, and specialists in the field of military psychology and security structures. It promotes dialogue and collaboration, allowing community members to share their research, best practices, and innovative approaches to psychological support and training of military personnel.

5. Influence on practice and policy: The journal strives to have an impact on practice and policy related to military psychology and security structures. Through the publication of high-quality research, recommendations, and reviews, the journal contributes to the development of effective strategies and approaches to psychological support, training, and management in security structures.

These objectives enable “The Russian Military-Psychological Journal” to be a specialized publication catering to the needs and interests of security structures, while also promoting the development of military psychology in Russia and beyond.