The original (not previously published) finished research works carried out in the context of topical problems in various fields of psychology, pedagogy and law at the interface with border disciplines them in a variety of genres: theoretical and methodological articles; articles describing empirical research; new methods; description of empirical studies and new techniques; analytical and critical-analytic literature reviews; comments to previously published materials and authors ‘ responses, reviews of books, reports and reports on scientific events (congresses, congresses, conferences, symposiums) are publishing in the journal.

For inclusion in the plan of publication of the journal the author of the article should be sent to the editor’s request for publication and the text of the article by e-mail or from the journal’s website

The Application shall specify: the name of the article, the number of required copies of the journal, the mailing address of the journal, the contact details of the person responsible for the article, and other necessary data.

The article is accepted for consideration only if it meets the requirements for the author’s original articles of the journal, posted on the Internet at and in the current issues of the journal.